Thursday, December 4, 2014

Book Recommendation: Time Management for System Administrators

Just a quick tip for today. If you work as a network administrator, system administrator, director of I.T., or almost anything else in the Information Technology field, you need to buy Time Management for System Administrators.

Seriously. You need this book. I bought it years ago and still consider it one of the three best I.T. books I've ever bought.

Its an easy read. Most ideas are broken up into one chapter. Something called The Cycle System takes up three chapters, but its still presented in an easily digested fashion. My advise would be to read each chapter by itself and ponder it for a day or more. Its really good stuff.

The suggestions in it aren't dependent on any vendor or even any era. It works just as well for Windows-centric shops as for Linux or Mac shops, web services, businesses or schools. It was just as useful in 2004 as it is in 2014.

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